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Sri Lankans are artistic people who enjoy music, dance and art in everything they do. The traditional agricultural life style made people come together to help each other in work. The gatherings for work created a nice atmosphere for dance and music. The Art, Music and dances of Sri Lanka were derived from the elements of Nature. The temple paintings and carvings used birds, elephants, wild animals, flowers and trees. The colors were made of nature.
In many ways Sri Lankan arts is an inspiration of its long and lasting Buddhist tradition which in turn absorbed and adopted countless regional and local tradition for thousand of years, evolving to be a unique variant of Sri Lankan arts. Unsurprising, most of Sri Lankan arts originated religious beliefs, represented in many artistic forms such as painting, sculpture, architecture, and so on.
Buddhism introduction to Sri Lanka in the 3rd century B.C and becoming the core of Sri Lankan culture ever since. Sri Lankan artistic style varied from kingdom to kingdom along its historic lines, each of which has successively added some characteristic elements to Sri Lankan arts, becoming the completely priceless inheritance we can see today.
The Music is several kinds. The folk music is created with few instruments only. The folk songs and poems were used in social gatherings to work together. The indian influenced Classical Music has grown to be unique. The traditional drama, music and songs are typically Sri Lankan.