Ceylon Tea Trails Norwood - Hatton
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Ceylon Tea Trails is the world’s first tea bungalow resort, perched at an altitude of 1250 metres in Sri Lanka’s panoramic Ceylon tea region, bordering the UNESCO World Heritage Central Highlands. This award-winning boutique resort comprises of four restored colonial era tea planters’ bungalows, offering period furnishings, exquisite butler service & gourmet cuisine. Bungalows vary from 4 to 6 rooms & suites; 21 rooms in all. Each of the four bungalows is unique - lakeside Castlereagh & Summerville, Norwood with panoramic views and Tientsin, the most traditional colonialThis is the ideal setting for trekking and biking against the breathtaking backdrop of mountains, lakes, winding roads and waterfalls. Those who seek indulgence could simply observe life on a working tea estate while being pampered by your personal butler, choose a spa treatment, croquet on the lawn or sunbathe alongside the pool.

Each house comes with its own manager, chef, butler and houseboys and from 4 to 6 rooms each – Master Suites with a separate living room and private gardens, Garden Suites with verandahs to private gardens and spacious Luxury Rooms of great character. Rooms are named after past tea planter occupants.

The bungalow at Norwood commands a fine view of the eastern end of the Bogawantalawa valley and rests in the shelter of one of the finest bamboo stands to be found anywhere. The suites are oversized with imposing colonial style furniture, some with four-poster beds and very elegant bathrooms. A spacious lounge and well-stocked library lead out to a croquet lawn, a large swimming pool and sun deck. It is here where planters of the past invited friends to enjoy the pristine air and glorious outlook. You too can wander the gardens unchanged since yesteryear, soaking up the atmosphere of a time gone by.


Master suite

  • Hazel

Hazel master suite: 62 sq.m, king size bed, separate living room, bath with rain shower, view of private garden and tea fields.

Garden suites

  • Irvine

Irvine garden suite: 45 sq.m, king size bed, bath with rain shower, view to private garden.

  • Andrew

Andrews garden suite: 46 sq.m, king size bed, bath with rain shower, view to private garden.

Luxury Rooms

  • Trevaldwyn

Trevaldwyn luxury room: 39 sq.m, twin beds, bath with rain shower, garden view.

  • Jeffery

Jeffery luxury room: 31 sq.m, king size bed, bath with rain shower, garden view, direct access to verandah.

  • Wyatt

Wyatt luxury room: 30 sq.m, king size bed, bath with rain shower, garden view.


  • Swimming pool
  • Summer house
  • Library
  • Garden dining
  • Conservatory

Things to do

  • The Tea Experience

This is the essential Tea Trails experience. The Resident Tea Planter will show you first hand the age-old tea making process. First, follow the trail of the planters of old Ceylon, as they trekked through the dense jungle looking for the best slopes on which to plant tea. Then on to watch the tea pluckers pick two leaves and a bud with deft hands. Then to the factory where the all-important conversion to “made” black tea happens. The machinery used is of very traditional British design, some as old as 100 years. The process is a very artisanal one, unchanged for a century. The daily complimentary tour ends with a tasting of different grades of this great brew. Together with tea-infused cuisine, tea based spa treatments and trekking trails that traverse tea-blanketed hills, you can literally lose yourself in tea. You will leave Tea Trails with a newly found appreciation of this wonder herb “Camellia Sinensis” & the terroir of Ceylon Tea.

  • Scenic Walks and Hikes

A leisurely walk or an adventure trek is a delightful way to experience the varied landscapes, exotic flora, abundant birdlife and the sweet rhythm of life in a tea garden. Take in vistas of mountain lakes, manicured tea gardens, forests and doll’s house villages. A guide can be provided or self walk on marked trails. Many of the guests walk from one Tea Trails bungalow to another for a meal or cup of tea.

  • Mountain Biking

Ceylon Tea Trails has opened up a world of adventure and discovery in the Bogawantalawa Valley at an altitude of over 1500 metres. The unspoiled beauty of the surrounding valleys and hills are a great biking experience. There are mountain bikes in the bungalows for complimentary use. For longer rides it is recommended that you take one of the guides along.

  • Croquet

All bungalows have a croquet lawn where you can unleash devious tactics against family and friends, a Pimms No 1 in hand. A Mr Woolcott is rightly quoted in The Guinness Dictionary of Sports Quotations as saying “It is no game for the soft of sinew and the gentle of spirit. The higher and dirtier croquet player can use the guile of a cobra and the inhumanity of a boa constrictor.”

  • Spa Treatments & Luxury Baths

Enjoy special aromatic baths to begin or complete your day…or just as an indulgence whenever you so please. Choose from Cinnamon Spice, Green Tea, Black Pepper & Orange, Jasmine or a Bergamot & Geranium Bath. Or luxuriate in a spa treatment in the privacy and the comfort of your room after a hike or bike ride and soothe any aches and pains away…treatments include the Tea Trails Signature Massage, Deep Tissue Massage & Reflex Zone Therapy.

  • White Water Rafting

After coming off the slopes of Adam’s Peak, the clear waters of the Kelani River wind their way through the Hill Country of Sri Lanka before emptying into the Indian Ocean. Your adventure starts at a beautiful nature base in Kitulgala about 75 minutes from Ceylon Tea Trails. After a safety briefing and a few pointers on rafting technique, you’ll jump right into the action. Seven high quality, class III rapids and warm water make the Kelani a premier introduction to the sport of whitewater or an exciting choice for experienced rafters

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