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Situated on the west coast of Sri Lanka approximately 37km from the Commercial Capital Colombo, is the northernmost resort and large fishing town of Negombo. The proximity from the Bandaranaike International Airport of just 7km has helped make Negombo one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country which offers long Sandy beaches complemented by historical landmarks and rich colonial architecture.

Mainly a Roman Catholic city, Negombo has been given the name 'Little Rome' due to the highly ornate Portuguese era Roman Catholic churches found within the township. The city is graced with architectural and constructional delights from the colonial era with abundant Dutch, Portuguese and British influence. Historically, Negombo was a fishing village and still is one of the main suppliers of fresh Fish to the local market and for export. The sight of the fisher folk out at sea on their out rigger canoes is a particularly charming sight. Modern Negombo is by no means a village and is well developed at both the city centre and the outskirts with shopping malls, restaurants and a very busy urban atmosphere.

With some of the best beaches on the west coast, Lagoon and of course delightful sea food, Negombo is definitely a must visit destination for any traveler looking for that long and relaxing sun bath or the tantalizing food menu.


St. Lachlans offers the discerning guest accommodation in 2 types of rooms. The Restaurant & Bar wing has 10 Deluxe Rooms while the Reception wing has 6 Luxurious Suites. The Lotus Suite, Rose Suite, Sunflower Suite, Tulip Suite, Orchid Suite and the Daisy Suite are placed ideally to ensure maximum privacy for you while the Deluxe rooms are located with close and easy access to the Restaurant and the Bar.

At St. Lachlans accommodation is not just a Room, it is a lifestyle experience. You will feel the difference in the rooms from the time you step in to the beautiful artwork till you drift away to dreamland on the comfortable beds.

Sit back and enjoy your favorite TV program on the vivid LED Television or watch the latest movies on your sleek DVD player.

Pamper yourself with the range of Spa Ceylon toiletries in your room and enjoy the homely feeling and relax in your Bath robe and slippers. The hotel knows that you like to heat things up a bit, that is why we have provided you with in-room Tea / Coffee making facilities so that you will not have to go all the way to the restaurant after that long shower. And of course if you are someone with high spirits there is also a well stored Mini Bar at your disposal in your room.


The sun and surf is all good but what do you do when you are not having a good time on the beach, well at St. Lachlans, you have an even better time in the hotel. Accommodation in 10 Deluxe Rooms and 6 Suites equipped with modern entertainment appliances & spa toiletries, a refreshing swimming pool, multi cuisine restaurant and the specialty bar are sure to keep you indoors.

Things to do

Negombo is mostly about the beach and the sea but that is not the only thing interesting in this easy paced and traveler friendly West coast resort.

Outdoor activities such as Beach Volleyball and Soccer can be arranged for the sports enthusiasts while the more adventurous guests can indulge in a variety of Water sport activities such as Wind Surfing / Sailing and Water Skiing.

If you are on the beach you obviously love the ocean, take your love of the sea to the next level with deep sea diving off the coast of Negombo. There are many PADI certified divers who will guide you to the wonderful world of beautiful coral reefs, sea life and ship wrecks. Separate fishing trips can also be organized.

Negombo is a haven for nature lovers with the Muthurajawela Marsh where you can experience the rich natural landscape and do some authentic bird watching. There are also boat trips that can be arranged along the Black river which was used from the colonial era for transporting goods to and from the commercial capital Colombo.

A Local city tour is a fabulous way of getting your self acquainted with the history and lifestyle of Negombo. A typical city tour will take you to the local Fish market where many of the native fisher folk trade their catch and depending on the time you visit, you can witness the live auction of Fish as well.

A visit to the Dutch Fort is also on the route along with various historically and culturally significant landmarks. You will also be able to shop for a variety of local bargains including Handicrafts and Spices. For a more exciting shopping experience you can also do a city tour of Colombo which is 37km from Negombo and is approximately a 45 minute drive.

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