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Types of Weddings

Sri Lankan style weddings, there are different styles of weddings which are differing in accordance with the region & religion. But main & the most popular Sri Lankan traditional weddings are,

 • Kandyan Style (Bride with Kandyan Saree & Groom with Nilame dress)

• Low Country Style (Bride with Indian Saree & Groom with National dress).

The two styles are mainly differing with the dress and other traditions & procedures are almost similar.


• Hindu Style (all traditions will be based on Hindu traditions)


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Kandyan Style   Low Country Style   Hindu Style   

Many SriLankan hotels offer various wedding packages and we recommend you to select traditional wedding package at your selected venue or in our exclusive venue by maintaining the uniqueness of the traditions. Bride & the Groom can select the wedding to fit their budget and it can be held in the morning or evening with a beach party or theme night with wonderful fireworks and other extra activities. Else you can have an exclusive wedding by hiring a private island/villa and make it a truly personal affair. Or alternatively, you can enjoy a simple exchange of vows at a Sri Lankan Registry Office and have a party in your selected venue as you wish.

This is entirely your choice but we would discourage you from bringing traditional heavy English/Western wedding dresses and morning suits as you are taking your wedding in Sri Lanka and it is uncommon of having the wedding dress in Traditional Sri Lankan style specially Kandyan Style and also the climate is little hot and humid and we have seen many brides and grooms looking uncomfortable and desperate to run for the pool rather than enjoying their wedding. We can provide all the necessary items including a beautician to make them dress & hair dressing with beauty culture.

Sri Lankan Wedding Attire

If you want to dress in Traditional Sri Lankan Kandyan style, or if you want to dress with Low Country Traditional Sri Lankan style, or if you want to dress with Hindu Traditional style, we can provide those items or you can buy those from Sri Lanka. And also if you want to dress with English/ Western wedding dress and want to conduct the traditional wedding, there will not be any barrio for that. You have the fullest freedom to choose your wedding dress and other activities occur without damaging to the Sri Lankan culture & traditions.

Be a Guest of a Sri Lankan Wedding

In Sri Lanka normal wedding celebrations tend to last for two days and are full of socializing ceremonies:
Wedding Day: Usually held at bride’s home or in a selected venue and the guests will wear traditional dress or western suits
Homecoming Day: Usually held at the groom’s family home or in a selected venue. This can range from smart to casual affairs and involve a large party, music, dancing late into the night.
An average wedding party would accommodate 100-300 guests but any Foreign Guests will attract attention and are considered “special guests” by the bridal family. Gifts are traditionally in the form of money or goods and presented with a card to the wedding couple at their homecoming.